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The past two years, Pushfins has made the highest performance surfboard fins with a minimal environmental impact through conscious manufacturing techniques, bio-based epoxy resins, and waste material sourced from the surf and skateboard industries. It's rad, so what's next?


The company needed to switch things up before the new launch. This meant shutting down the existing e-commerce site all together while we (me and the owner) developed new creative direction, philosophies, and overall business strategy to get the ball rolling for phase two.

The result led to a refresh in branding, new 'waitlist' website, lifestyle photoshoots, business forecasting, marketing strategy, and new packaging for retail. 

We did all of this in under two months while in the midst of R&D for new manufacturing processes for the fins. All to launch in Spring 2017.

Stay tuned because this project is rad. Go here.



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