Youthrunner Magazine 

Client: Youthrunner | My Role: Art Direction / Website / Branding



The magazine needed a brand identity that would stay consistent throughout each issue. The idea was to build a tool kit in which any designer would have an understanding of the brand and what it relates to, while still having the freedom to create and have fun.


Complete brand exploration and an overhaul of the magazine, taking bits and pieces of the the old magazine and utilizing those shapes for use throughout the new and future issues. This main toolkit includes arrow, specific shapes and sizes, as well as specific typography.

The goal was to give diverse typography an interchanging roll throughout each issue. The main feature would have the opportunity to explore new typefaces, while the standard fonts would still stay for the guts and glory.

Youthrunner Magazine is all about young athletes that compete in track and field, cross country, triathlons, and kids that just like to run and stay healthy.

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